Top 5 Hidden Gems of Kolkata

Top 5 Hidden Gems in Kolkata – One Must Visit

Kolkata is famous for Victoria Memorial or Howrah Bridge and these are the undoubtedly the best of places to visit in Kolkata the City of Joy. But there are many hidden gems as well. The locals like me know and visit these places often and if you are visiting Kolkata as well in near future, then you might wish to make some space in your schedule for the places mentioned in this small list “Top 5 Hidden Gems in Kolkata”.

1. Mother’s House

The home of our beloved Noble Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa. Also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta after her canonization grating her Sainthood posthumously and is now known as Saint Teresa. This place instills peace and calm in the visitors and touches the soul of all.

Places to Visit in Kolkata
Mother’s House


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2. Sunderbans

The Home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and is a dense forest at the coastal region of Bay of Bengal. It is the largest mangrove forest in the World and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can witness hundreds of rare species of Birds, Animals and Fishes are found in this region and is a beautiful place and must be on one’s list.

Places to Visit in Kolkata

3. Eco Park

It is the biggest park in India and is very well maintained. It also has a centralized water body with a small island in the middle. A great place to relax with your loved ones.

Places to Visit in Kolkata

4. Belur Math

It was established by Swami Vivekanada and have Temples dedicated to Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. The place is known for its serenity and is a place of pilgrimage. Devotees visit the site from far of places. And is a prime spot and a must visit to understand the culture of the City.

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5. Your turn to list that one place we have missed out and is one of your favorite places that you visit often in the City. Drop in your comments of that one place that you like.

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