Top 10 ways to Stay Warm in Winter

Year 2017 is coming to an end and like every other year this one is also ending on a chilly note. “Winter is here” and it’s going to be colder than ever. Here are the top 10 ways to stay warm in Winter to beat the chill this mighty cold  season-

10. Avoid Dry Eyes and Skin

Avoid Dry Eyes and Skin

Cold weather and chilly winds makes our skin rough and dry. Dry skin causes irritation and reduces the softness of the skin. Use a good moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and moist. Also keep your body covered with layers of clothing to avoid exposure to chilly dry winds. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from getting dry.

9. Soak up some Natural Sunlight

Soak up some Natural Sunlight


Yes i know most of us normally avoid direct exposure to the harsh sunlight but it’s winter and now you will love the warm sunlight on your skin. It feels awesome and is a great source of Vitamin D as well. Also make sure to put your blankets and pillows in the sunlight so that they remain warm and cosy for the upcoming chilly nights.

8. Keep your Hands & Feet warm

Keep your Hands & Feet warm
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Wear Gloves and Socks as much as possible. Socks are a must as feet tend to freeze up very fast and it’s important to keep them warm. Apply Vaseline jelly on your hands and feet to avoid dryness.

7. Keep a Cold Cream handy

Keep a Cold Cream handy

Loads of Skin creams are available in the market and small minimal tubes which are easy to carry and use. The moment you feel that your skin is drying up apply the cream instantly. Apply lip balm to avoid lips from drying up as dry lips are irritating and painful.

6. Take a Vacation to someplace warm

Take a Vacation to someplace warm

Beat the Winter chill by planning a visit to the Southern part of India. Visit the warm beaches of Goa or Chennai to avoid the freezing winter and enjoy your time without mufflers and sweaters.

5. Muffler or Woolen Cap can prove to be your best friend

Muffler or Woolen Cap can prove to be your best friend

Keep a muffler or cap in your bag always. It’s your best friend when you travel in auto rickshaws or when you are walking the street and the freezing wind is directly towards you. Mufflers protect your skin from drying up and helps you stay warm

4. Stay Active

Stay Active

Daily exercise helps staying warm and healthy. Try to stay as active as possible. Brisk Walks, Use stairs to climb atleast once a day. Do some Cycling or Jogging. Hit the gym when you can.

3. Avoid Sickness

Avoid Sickness

The change of season results in Cough and Cold for many people. Precautions can help prevent the same. Get good amount of sleep, wash your hands with soap often, Eat fruits that increase your immunity and stay active so that your body stays warm

2. Wear a heat retaining layer

Wear a heat retaining layer

Wear a separate layer beneath other layers to retain the body heat. One can use thin but heat retaining sweaters and thin shirts. No to forget the use of woolen cap.

1. Keep Yourself Warm

Top 10 ways to Stay Warm in Winter
Cheerful Blanket Embracing Cup Enjoy Friends

Wear woolen sweaters or jackets. Stay indoors as much as possible after dark. Keep pair of socks and slippers nearby. Keep doors and windows closed during night so that the room temperature stays normal. Wrap yourself in a nice thick blanket and experience the best sleep time as We all love to sleep in Winters.

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