Ittefaq Review

Ittefaq Movie Review

A week back I read some news about this movie. It was about the actors urging the audience not to reveal the climax once they have seen it. This certainly got me intrigued and I made sure to watch it this coming weekend and Ittefaq truly was riveting and fast paced along with a stark unimaginable climax.

Ittefaq Review

So here is my review of Ittefaq

Ittefaq starring Akshay Khanna, Sonakshi Sinha and Siddharth Malhotra is a crime thriller/murder mystery and here’s a non spoiler review.

The usual movies of similar genre are about murder with some suspects and ending with a climax but that was not entirely the case with “Ittefaq”

Double murders with two suspects being Siddharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha combined with an investigating detective cum cop played by Akshay Khanna. I felt all three lead actors acted well specifically Akshay Khanna playing investigating Cop. The sequences when he brings forward the mentality of the Indian police system. The way he infused humor in his role were my biggest takeaway. This was his second outing as a Cop after playing a similar role in “Mom” also starring Sridevi. He certainly made things look much closer to reality.

What differentiated this movie was its climax as it was so unexpected. The ending certainly restated the fact that this was a thriller. It was shot during the monsoon season in Mumbai and it was apparent in the movie. The heavy rain showers along with dark gloomy sets made a perfect set for the sequences of this movie.

These days no one wants long boring movies which are cramped with too many songs and lacks a proper storytelling. And that’s exactly this film didn’t offer. It was fast paced, no nonsense mystery with an ending being its best part.

Okay one dialogue i must reveal which i loved was “Tumhare jaise Bhutte hum roz sekte hai” said by Akshay to Siddharth while interrogating him.

Non spoiler reviews reveal just as much as I have So go and watch the movie as it’s a must watch.

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