India's U-17 World Cup Goal

India’s First FIFA World Cup Goal

Success of Indian Football in FIFA U-17 World Cup

It’s not everyday you see a country score its first goal in a FIFA tournament. A country which, for majority of the last century worshiped Cricket, where players and athletes of other sports were neglected rose to the occasion and is hosting the U-17 World Cup. We are hosting a FIFA tournament and that makes me feel extremely proud. One would have never dreamt of a possibility of witnessing a FIFA event in the subcontinent but it’s a reality now.

India First FIFA Goal
U-17 World Cup

“Everything that has ever become big has started somewhere small and so have We”.

Before the tournament kicked off no one expected that it will become this popular. Everyone had notions that “Who would watch kids play?” “Whether the matches will be exciting enough?” but everything changed when we saw our team locking horns will the best future players in the world. Suddenly everyone wanted “The Men in Blue” to win against far superior opponents and Yes!! We so passionately screamed on every attack, corner and free-kick.

And then came the golden moment, the second in which this Nation netted its first ever goal. The feeling can never be described by a true football fan. Your country scoring its first ever goal in a FIFA tournament is something extremely special. All the nations we see competing in FIFA tournaments must have witnessed similar days and this is were it all started for them. And this is where it has started for us too.

That one goal signified the inception of a million dreams

The sheer rush of adrenaline among the supporters, some like Me were highly emotional and jubilant. It never mattered whether we won or not but what mattered for us was the spirit. The fighting instinct shown by our players regardless of the highly superior opponents. Some thought the opponents would steamroll us but we played well, defended as much as we could have and even had promising counter attacks. I am a die hard Manchester United FC Supporter but never had a feat of the Club given me so much happiness as seeing our U-17 Indian team play and score a goal and give Me and my fellow Indians “a glimmer of hope” about the future of this sport in this country and nothing can be compared to this.

Lots of great things are in store for us atleast there is hope and belief. Things don’t change overnight they need time but they need a kick start and the goal was our kick start.

India's U 17 Football Team
U-17 World Cup

The tagline is very true for Indian football

The road is long but “the belief” is everything.

Come stand for Indian football and who knows India might be a sleeping giant of this beautiful game of football.

Time to unleash the beast!!!

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    Really a good message for all football lovers..”the goal was our kick start”..keep the spirit up!!


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      Thanks & Stay tuned

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