Gujarat Opinion Poll

Gujarat Opinion Poll

All awaited Gujarat Opinion Poll :

The most awaited and decisive Gujarat Opinion Polls are out. The fate of BJP led by Narendra Modi , Rahul Gandhi of Congress, Hardik Patel of Patidar Samaj, among others are at stake.

Gujarat Election has begun from today & results will be out on 18 December.

Gujarat Opinion Poll
Gujarat Opinion Poll

1. Times Now/VMR opinion poll

BJP is likely to win 111 seats, 4 less than 2012 but way above the half-way mark of 92. The party is likely to get 44.8 percent vote share in 2017 which is a decline by 3 percent compared to 2012.

Congress, on the other hand are likely to win 68 seats. Its 39.8 percent vote share, that’s 1 percentage point more than 2012 where it got 38.8 percent vote share.

Others will be bagging 3 seats as predicated.

2. India TV Poll –

BJP are likely to win 106-116 seats as predicted by the India TV Poll where as,

Congress on the other hand are likely to bring their tally nearly to 63 -73 seats in the 182-seat Assembly.

Others will be bagging 2-4 seats as predicated.

3. TV9/ CVoter poll –

BJP will likely to win 109 seats i.e lose of 6 seats as compared to 2012 election

Congress on the other hand will likely gain 12 seats bringing their tally 73 seats in the 182-seat Assembly.

4. Lokniti-CSDS-ABP News

BJP is likely to win 91-99 seats whereas the

 Congress will bag 78-86 seat

while Others are getting 3-7 seats as predicated.

We will be updating you to the latest news on Gujarat Elections. Stay Tuned !!

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