Bose: Dead/Alive Review

Bose: Dead/Alive

Bose: Dead/Alive felt like a genuine Indian attempt to create content like the western production houses. One of the first things that you will witness is the format of only limited amount of run-time hours. The run-time of approximately 3 hours divided into 9 episodes. Our daily soap and serials until now were known to painfully stretch for months, for years and even a decade but this series was a pleasant change. But I personally felt that the life of someone with a stature like of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose can never be captured in mere 3 hours. The attempt to portray the Great Man was truly wonderful but this series could have done a lot more with the potential it had. In the end I would have lovingly accepted a few more hours about the life of this charismatic leader.
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Bose: Dead/Alive Review
Bose: Dead/Alive Review


Subash Chandra Bose, born during the British Rule in India had a free spirit from his childhood days. He was patriotic towards his nation and despised the British. It’s about his humble beginning in city of Calcutta, slowly rising to prominence because of his rebellious nature. From being a flamboyant student leader in Presidency College to getting elected as a Mayor of Calcutta and from giving the great slogan “Tum Mujhe khoon do, Main Tumhe Azaadi doonga” to the famous meeting with Hitler in Germany, all were portrayed beautifully in the series.

Acting and Screenplay

The masterstroke was signing up Rajkumar Rao, portraying Netaji and the actor once again proved his mettle. The actor even shaved off his hair to make the character look real. Rao even managed to speak Bangla words with perfection which showed his commitment. Netaji was portrayed as a strong and charismatic leader and Rao did the job well.
Naveen Kasturia as Darbari Singh, fictional character of an Indian hawaldar and as the narrator in the series did all he could to stay in tune in the series. I felt his narration was not up-to the mark.
The supporting cast comprising of both Indian and foreign origins did equally well and felt well in place.
The screenplay was fast and thrilling. The series was deliberately created in a way that will keep the viewers on the edge. The story was shown in back and forth timeline which is hard to follow at times.

Opening Theme Score

One of my biggest takeaway was the opening theme score during which the opening credits are shown. Felt like watching Sherlock Holmes to be precise with the images and the background score playing. The theme starts subtle and picks up and seemed to work well with the flow of the series.
Even the closing score having bengali lyrics was written well and served as a treat to the ears.

Bose: Dead/Alive Overall

Bose: Dead/Alive is a must watch if you are willing to peek into the life of this great man but this series will not answer your questions. It’s mere portrayal of the book which has its own theories and the mystery around the death of Netaji continues to remain unanswered. But One will seriously applaud the makers of attempting to create content like this one and portraying the life of this legendary soul.
The series is recommended for the fast paced story-line and acting of Rajkumar Rao as Netaji.
The series is streaming of Alt Balaji App and on their website
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